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SDN-03749-1Rexall Sundown, Inc., NBTY, Inc. and their affiliated companies are involved in a class action lawsuit in which plaintiffs allege certain statements made on the labeling of certain Glucosamine Products are false. Although the parties agreed to a settlement in 2013 it was not approved by the court and is now null and void. The parties have now reached a second settlement and are awaiting court approval.

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Tom’s of Maine Inc. is settling in a false advertisement lawsuit.  Plaintiffs allege that the , company falsely labeled certain beauty and personal care products as natural when they were not and allegedly contained chemicals.

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Kashi has agreed to settle in a lawsuit where plaintiffs allege false advertising. The suit claims that Kashi claimed certain food products labeled as “all natural,” “100% natural,” or “nothing artificial” while said products did in fact contained genetically modified organisms (GMOs). 

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The plaintiffs in the lawsuit allege that Symantec and Digital River misrepresented that EDS and NDI were required and they further allege that Symantec failed to disclose that users could in fact download their Norton software for free or without buying EDS.

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Sprint Wireless has agreed to settle in a class action SMS lawsuit  in which the plaintiffs allege they were charged by Sprint for unauthorized third-party services on their monthly cellphone bill. Sprint denies any wrongdoing but has agreed to settle. Click here to file a claim.


American Express has reached a settlement over claims that it failed to let consumers know about the full terms and conditions of their Amex gift cards.  You may be eligible if you bought, received used or tried to use an Amex Gift card between 1/1/02-10/15/2013.

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StarKist Tuna Settlement:

StarKist Tuna has agreed to pay up to $25 cash or up to $50 in StarKist Tuna in a class action settlement. The lawsuit alleges that Starkist 5oz cans contained approximately 17.3% less pressed tuna than advertised.  Click here to file a claim.

Vitaminwater class action settlement:

Coca-Cola, who owns Vitaminwater, has agreed to pay $1.2 million to end a class-action lawsuit filed on behalf of residents

Red Bull Energy Drink:

Red Bull has agreed to pay consumers in a class action suit for allegedly misleading consumers into thinking the drink “gives you wings.

Templeton Rye Whiskey:  

Class action suit alleges that Templeton engaged in “deceptive marketing” and charged premium prices.

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