Online Shopping Tricks


Top-Secret Traveling Tricks

Does it ever feel like the second you decide to treat yourself to a fun getaway, tickets skyrocket in price?  Turns out it’s not just your crappy luck, you can blame the cookies.  Ok, maybe that was dramatic, but it’s true!  Internet cookies store your browsing information and use that to try to sway your decision.  Next thing you know, you’re checking flights every day until you decide to buy on a day when tickets are twice what they usually are. When that happens, you can count yourself Punk’d by the airline.

See they look at that information, notice your dates of travel and feed on your sense of panic to get you to buy.

I was skeptical when I heard this and did some research on my own. Tickets from Miami to DC went from $280 to $310 to $380 within a few days of searching for tickets. When I opened a private browser, the tickets were still at $280! I felt duped, but I learned a lesson, too.

Always use private browsing when looking for plane tickets. 

Secret to Not Checking Out

No no, I am not talking about shoplifting, I am talking about leaving your online shopping cart full and leaving the website.

Your computer stores cookies in regular mode and thus tells the website when you haven’t checked out.  What this means is that when you leave the website, let’s say Bed Bath and Beyond, they send you an email offering additional discounts and coupon codes begging you to come back and complete your order.